Will it work on a Mac?


How proficient does one need to be in Excel?

The only Excel skill to run the model is the ability to input numbers into cells and to add/delete rows.

If I want to use CREmodel on multiple computers, do I need to buy more than one?

No. The license is granted for an individual user who can run the program on as many machines as they want provided only one copy is open at any one time. Since CREmodel is an Excel spreadsheet, it can be easily transferred between computers.

Are the cells locked?

No. You can make changes to the model if you desire.

Does the model come with instructions?

Yes - they will download with the model.

Is there a trial version?

No. You can get a good feel for the model by checking out the Sample Model Printout and Instructional Video sections of this website. If, after purchasing the model, it doesn't meet your needs, you can request a full refund provided you make this request within 60 days of purchase. Note, our refund rate is less than 5% which is a good indicator of user satisfaction.

What if I don't like it or it just doesn't work for my needs?

Just send an email to sales@cremodel.com anytime within 60 days of your purchase and we will refund your money.

What is the latest version of CREmodel?

The latest version is 1.6 - if you want to update to the current version just send us an email to sales@cremodel.com.

Will it work for residential subdivision analysis?


Will you build my model for me?

Maybe. Please see the Consulting section for details.

When I load the model, Iā€™m getting a "circular reference" error message.

Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of the Instructions.